– UPDATED 4-9-2019 Robert

TobyMac is returning August 10, to the State Fair of WV!

POWER FACTOR is returning – we’re taking audition demos now – info is on the website.

The Southridge Chick-Fil-A STUDENT ATHLETE OF THE WEEK is about to go on hiatus for the summer – in the next week or two.

Pet of the Week – This features a pet each week from the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association, and we’re trying to help get them adopted. We don’t receive nominations or anything, it’s just a way to help the shelter.

Church of the Week – This is basically us selecting a church and recognizing them for a week. People can nominated through the website.

The NEW LIFE TIMES is on the website. It’s a downloadable newsletter. Here’s a sample liner:
Want to stay up-to-date on all of the happenings with Charleston’s Christian Radio Station, New Life 94.5? The New Life Times is a monthly newsletter packed full of information, including station news and events and upcoming concerts. Be sure to check out the Marketplace section of the newsletter and support our sponsors. Visit and check out out the latest edition of The New Life Times!


Still PUSHING the DRIVE THRU DIFFERENCE – you pay for the order of the person behind you, and leave a letter for them (That you print from our website). Just a simple act of kindness – and then encourage them to share the story. Info is on the website! 🙂

*are there geographical references a local would make to bridges, rivers, intersections/locations etc?
Mound in South Charleston
Wal-Mart at Southridge
*are pollen or certain types of bugs etc a “spring” issue there?
*do people make day trips this time of year to…? somewhere to do…something?
People head to Kings Island in Cincinnati (Opens April 18th)
90% of people here vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC
*what are the road or highway #’s or names that people would be sitting in traffic on?
I-64 (traffic in Mornings bad – East Bound Traffic bad in Afternoon Drive West Bound)
McCorkle Ave

These are interstates not Freeways
*are there types of foods, drinks etc that are ‘local’, i.e., here in charleston there is vinegar barbecue, shrimp and grits, oyster roasts, ‘sweet tea’
Pepperoni Rolls – The State Food
Hot dogs with Slaw

Thanks for listening to NewLife Ninety Four Five in:
South Charleston
St. Albans
Tays Valley
Eleanor (WV Cleanest Town)